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I found @coachedbygeorgie last June and managed to get a space in October. I dieted alone for years and lost 4 stone, but still didn’t feel good about myself or look how I thought I was going to when I had lost that amount of weight. I knew I needed to join a gym to achieve the more ‘toned’ look I wanted. Initially, I got a coach to help guide me with this because before this I had never stepped foot in a gym because the ‘gym fear’ was real.

Georgie has been incredible at helping me find my feet in the gym, increasing my confidence and keeping my head level throughout the last 9 months. She has also taught me so much more about nutrition. I use food as FUEL now and actually eat 550 calories MORE per day from the first picture was taken because my goal is now to build some muscle😍💪🏻

I am so pleased with my progress and if I could highlight anything to anyone wanting to join CBG or starting their own fitness journey, it would be to trust the process, tick your boxes every day (even when you don’t want to, you’ll thank yourself later!) and take pictures and measurements rather than just relying on the scales. I am a few kilos up from my lowest weight but I look leaner now which is mad🤯 I couldn’t have made any of these physical or mental changes without Georgie and I’m so grateful I stumbled across CBG💕

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