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Having been a size 8 and a size 16, I was no stranger to fad diets, unhealthy habits, scales obsession and hating the mirror.

At my heaviest, I refused to take full-length photos, I used to turn down social events because the emotional stress of choosing what to wear (when nothing fit/looked good) was too much. It affected my relationship, it affected my friendships, it affected me and I became a closed-off person.

I had been following Georgie for over 2 years and came to her because I realised that I needed to create new and healthy habits.

After 7months, the weight off is an added bonus to the whole process. I have created good habits, my relationship and friendships have massively improved, my self-confidence has soared, and the body I once hated, I admire for all that it has done and all that it is.

My fitness journey is just beginning. I couldn’t have done this without the immense support from G. Forever thankful for her!

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