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Throughout my life I have tried every fad diet going, shakes, slimming clubs, drops and even a cabbage diet all to lose weight. I’m no stranger to hating what I see in the mirror, resulting in me in buying into another “weight loss” program.

Years have passed where I couldn’t take any more crying at what I see in the mirror, feeling low and wishing I had someone else’s body!

During the start of the Covid pandemic, I scrolled through Instagram just like most people on furlough. I came across Coached by Georgie and scrolled through her Instagram, looking at the transformation and I couldn’t sign up quick enough.

I have now been with Georgie for 4 months and I couldn’t imagine not having her. I feel amazing! I’m in control of what I fuel my body with, have so much energy and can’t wait to get into the gym to get my session in. My body feels different, but my mindset also has had a massive shift. Learning the importance of nutrition, exercise and ticking the boxes and being consistent.

My journey is really just beginning, but I couldn’t do this without the support and motivation from Georgie! She really is an incredible coach!

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