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After following G and some of the girls for a few months I decided to start 1-1 coaching. Right from the start I trusted her every word and got to work ticking every box. It’s not always been easy, but then nothing worth having is!

2019 I hit a real low point in my life. I was living in baggy clothes and smock dresses, feeling super self conscious of my body and comfort eating instead of taking any ownership of the problem. I was still going to the gym but I had no clue what I was doing, had a step goal but could never be arsed to hit it, this carried on for several more months but something flicked a switch in me February 2020. I’d come across Georgie’s page on Instagram and started following her. Seeing her discipline and determination inspired me. I watched from the side lines for a couple of months, watching all her YouTube videos, listening to her podcasts, stalking the Coached By Georgie Instagram page etc. I saw this community of girls who inspired and motivated each other and I remember thinking ‘I want to be part of that too!

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