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Fitness with Fiona
by Coached By Georgie January 19, 2023
Fiona used to be a competitive gymnast training over 10 hours a week. After leaving gymnastics she was injured during a marathon and it was after that that Fiona came to find Georgie and weight training. I think it’s fair to say she hasn’t looked back!
I wouldn’t necessarily say that I am on a ‘fitness journey’ as such because I have always been an active person and into health and fitness. As a child, I was always doing various sport clubs jumping between various after school activities.

When I was around 11 years old, my parents put me into a gymnastics class which is where I really found my calling. I started off doing it recreationally, however when I was 16, I was invited into one of the elite squads at my gymnastics club and trained competitively as an aerobic gymnast. I came to the end of my gymnastics career because after starting uni it became too much from where I was having to train over 10 hours per week whilst living away therefore having to commute to training sessions, I was trying to enjoy the uni life, working part time and trying to study too.

Alongside university, I worked part time as a gymnastics coach at a local leisure centre to the university I went to.

The leisure centre let me use their gym for free as a member of staff so it was only then that I first started stepping foot into a gym and started weight ‘training.’ I use the word training very lightly as I wouldn’t say I was training at all! I would only enter the gym every now and then, and when I did I was terrified and only used the machines or did cardio. I never had a plan and was that person who would pick a few random exercises off random fitness accounts on Instagram to try and do myself. And that was only if I was feeling brave enough to pick up a dumbbell. Even then I would be too scared to use ‘heavy weights’ and only ever used light weights. Looking back, all I can do is laugh at myself!!

In May 2019, I ran my first (and only) marathon where I injured myself on the day.

Because I ran over half of it injured I did a lot of damage and was told by a physio I’d never be able to run again because of the damage I had done to my knee. It was only then that I first experienced having nothing to work towards. By this point, I had finished university and was working full-time so I had no free gym to use and I just felt completely deflated. I couldn’t run to keep fit and just didn’t know what to do with myself or how to keep the active lifestyle I had always loved and lived.

I no longer hide away in the corner of the gym scrolling through Instagram trying to find an exercise and only ‘training’ half-heartedly because I’m too scared and worried about what other people will think of me.”
Over the next 2 months the weight started piling on and by mid-July I realised that I had reached the heaviest I had ever been and noticed how uncomfortable I had become in my own body. I knew something had to change. I had to find myself something to work towards again.

I’d been following Georgie for some time, a couple of years I think, and I saw that she was starting to do online coaching. I decided I would pop her a message to get some information and to see what it was about. I literally signed up straight away starting with her the following week and it was the best decision I think I’ve ever made.

Since having G as my coach I’ve 100% found my passion and absolutely love weight training!!!

I no longer hide away in the corner of the gym scrolling through Instagram trying to find an exercise and only ‘training’ half-heartedly because I’m too scared and worried about what other people will think of me. I now train consistently 4 times per week, never missing a session, following bad ass training sessions which G has written for me. I don’t care what other people think and push myself to my absolute max.

Fitness is my life and I honestly couldn’t imagine it without G.

She knows me so well. Whenever my training plan is updated she always keeps my goals in mind but also includes me in the decisions of what I want included. She is literally my backbone holding me accountable with both training and nutrition and I honestly LOVE working with her! I’ve already achieved so much over the past 19 months and I’m so excited to see what more I can do with her amazing support!

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