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Meet Ally & Georgie
Don’t hesitate to message us to ask any questions you may have. We’re here to help and offer support where needed!
We also have our CBG Ambassadors:
Meet Naomi (@sunnynayray)
Don’t hesitate to message Naomi to ask any questions you may have. Naomi has been a 1-1 client for months and is here to help and offer support where needed!
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Meet Jessy (@jessyellen_fitness)
Don’t hesitate to message Jessy to ask any questions you may have. Jessy has been a 1-1 client for months and is here to help and offer support where needed!
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Can I join the CBG Membership and then upgrade to 1-1 coaching?
Yes, definitely! Simply sign up to 1-1 coaching and join the waiting list! We will then be in touch to sort your start date! We will endeavour to keep you on the same app account so you don’t lose your data!
How do I choose a program and chat group?
Head to “change your programme” in the member’s area to change these!
Do I have to be a certain age to join CBG?
Yes, you must be 18 or over!
How do I update my payment information?
Log into your app account using a web browser. You can then edit your payment details!
How do I see my CBG billing history or money invoice?
Log into your app account using a web browser. You can then view your payment details!
Can I pause my subscription?
Unfortunately, you cannot currently pause your CBG membership. However, if you join 1-1 coaching, we can make exceptions for holidays and breaks.
How do I cancel my membership?
Log into your app account using a web browser. You can then cancel your subscription. You will have access until your payment period ends and then you will lose access to the app and site.
Is the monthly subscription a contract?
No, there is no contract!
I can log into the app but It won’t let me log into the site. Why is this?
Make sure you are using the same email you logged into the app with to log into the site. It uses the same details. Check capital letters as well! Any more issues, contact us!
Are their programmes for everyone? Ie. beginners, home, short?
Yes! As part of the CBG Membership we have over 20 programmes covering all sorts of levels and goals! If you join 1-1, your programme will be tailored towards your goals and ability!
Why are there no weights on my program for each exercise?
As I don’t know you personally or your strength on a given day it would be unfair for me to set what weight to use during a workout. Start with a lighter weight and then you can always increase in the following set or the next week. Make sure to note down the weight you use in the app or in your Fitbible so you don’t forget!
Do you provide pre/post natal exercise programs?
No we do not, as we are not qualified to do so. We recommend you check with your GP or specialist before taking part in an exercise program if you are unsure!
Do I log 2 dumbbells as the combined weight or each side?
If you are using a set of dumbbells, you can either log them as singular (4kg) or both combined (8kg – 2 x 4kgs), however, just ensure you are being consistent with your choice throughout.
How do I edit workouts logged?
Don’t worry. You can go back and edit your logged weights. Click onto the workout → 3 dots in the right hand corner → edit stats.
How do i change lb to kg?
On the app, head to More → My Settings → Units. You can then change the default units to ones you prefer!
If I upload progress photos to the app will they be used on social media?
No your photos will never be shared on social media without your expressed permission.
Where do I log my food on the app/site?
You will need to download either My Fitness Pal or Fitbit to log your food. You can connect and sync these with the CBG app so that your totals appear on the app. There is a video on this in the Member’s Area!
My macros don’t seem correct, could I be doing something wrong?
Make sure you double check the units used before calculating and double check the descriptions for activity level to make sure you are choosing the correct one! If you are still unsure, get in contact and we can assist you!
Will you write me a meal plan?
No, you won’t get a meal plan. Here at CBG, we believe in managing your own nutrition via calorie counting. We will help educate you on how to do this. This is much more transferable and allows for much more food freedom than meal plans! We have lots of great recipes in the member’s area to help inspire you!
My fitness pal is including exercise calories in my total target, How do i change this?
You will need to turn this off on your settings. Do this by going to: More → Goals→ Fitness Goals → Turn Off Exercise Calories.
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