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Calorie Counter
Harris-Benedict calculator uses one of the three most popular BMR formulas. Knowing your BMR (basal metabolic weight), can help you make important decisions about your diet and lifestyle. Find activity levels below ⬇️
Activity Level
Calorie Target:

Sedentary: Less than 4,000 steps a day and a rarely raised heart rate.
Lightly Active: 5,000-7,000 steps a day, sometimes with a raised heart rate.
Pretty Damn Active: About 10,000 steps a day, regularly raises heart rate over 4 days a week.
Extremely Active: Over 14,000 steps a day, regularly raises heart rate over 6 days a week.


If you don’t fancy weighing out and tracking every single thing you eat I highly recommend taking off 100-150 calories from your calorie goal given above and not tracking any vegetables, seasonings, diet drinks, squash etc throughout the day. Just aim to keep the same amount of veg on each meal you have and around the same sort of diet drinks / squash / seasoning each week. This will then be a variable that you keep the same throughout, whether you reduce or increase your calories… Life is too short for weighing out cucumber!!

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