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1-1 Online Coaching
Personalised exercise and nutrition programmes that you don’t just follow!
I’ll teach you the fundamentals so you understand your body, stay motivated and realise your goals!
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What are the benefits of online coaching?
Workout on your own schedule
When I schedule your week for you, I will choose which workout sits on which day. However, if this doesn’t suit you for whatever reason then feel free to move to a different day. To do this, just click and drag the session. Be sensible with rest days and try to give yourself one every 2/3 days if you can.
Motivation and Accountability
While having a coach online may require a little extra self-motivation in the gym, I am always just a click away! Daily messages and the opportunity to ask questions whenever you like. No need to wait until you see your personal trainer each week. You can direct message me through instant messenger and can expect a reply the same day.
1-1 Personal training can become expensive, especially if you want to train more than once a week and rarely comes with much outside support or guidance. One whole month of my online training is the same price as 3 to 4 1-1 sessions with a personal trainer!
Guaranteed Progression
Having me as your online coach means that everything you do is tracked and recorded on your own personal app. From your first progress pictures and measurements, down to how much you’ve squatted. You’ll be able to track weight on every exercise, find out when you hit personal bests and record comments after every workout.
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All for just £175 per month
Let’s go!
Thinking about 1-1?

I know just how many of you reading this are frustrated with trying and failing to reach your fitness goals. I know there is a lot of complicated bullsh*t out there; people just trying to take your money, feed you complex information & get you following crazy diets.

You are probably sceptical to contact me. I get it. Online coaching is a pretty new concept & it can be a little daunting to invest your money into. You don’t know me, I don’t know you (yet!). I won’t be training you in-person so how would distance coaching even make a difference?

My client’s goals are so important, and I am here for them every step of the way. I work very closely with each and every one of my girls to set realistic goals, support them daily & allow them to see their own potential without restrictive diets and unenjoyable training.

About Georgie

I’ve been a lifestyle coach for over 6 years now. I started by working with a small number of women both on the gym floor and online back in 2017. I soon realised my passion lied with helping regular women who want to get out of that rut. The rut where they feel they can never be happy or have their dream body without huge restrictions and extreme amounts of exercise.

You can completely change your lifestyle and improve your happiness without going to taxing lengths. I work with women of all ages, sizes, training experiences and lifestyles. Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, get strong or improve your performance. Whether you have never set foot in the gym before or have years of experience. Whether you’ve never counted a calorie before or you need support improving your relationship with food, I can help. I will show you that you don’t have to wake up everyday and feel like your training and diet is a chore. I want to show you that there isn’t an “on” and “off” button and that you don’t have to live in that mindset cycle anymore.

A lifestyle change isn’t a click of the finger job. It takes times and commitment to achieve but I have helped changed 000’s of women’s lifestyles now and I can help you do the same!

About Lizzie

Hi, my name is Lizzie and I am Coached by Georgie’s newest lifestyle coach!

Until recently, I was an NHS doctor working in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Women’s Health), working with women day in and day out to diagnose, treat or manage their health and well-being. I often felt like I wasn’t making a sustainable, long-term difference to what truly mattered to them. Everyday I would encounter at least one woman struggling with their body image, self-esteem, nutrition or weight and I knew this was something that I wanted to change; how we view ourselves as women.

I’ve been on my own body transformation journey losing 90kg and I know how hard it can be to not be happy in the body you live in. I want to help you change how you feel about yourself and to reach your goals – be that getting stronger, developing a better relationship with food or body image, fat loss or gaining muscle.

If you have a fixed goal or just know that you want to make a change to your lifestyle to live a healthier life, at any size and want someone to help you on your journey, supporting you through the tough times, helping you stay accountable and celebrating each milestone along the way, reach out and let’s get started!

Why Choose
Coached by Georgie
How do I sign up? – Learn more
Detailed Consultation
Initial written form followed up with a phone call to talk through current training and diet, plans for your new programme and how the coaching will work.
Weekly Progress Check-Ins
Progress pictures, weight and measurements – to keep you progressing and make any adjustments when needed.
Regular Communication
7 days a week via the messenger feature in app. All questions and queries answered quickly and efficiently.
Full Training and Cardio Split
Tailored completely to your goals and lifestyle. Exact exercises, reps, sets with a weight logging feature to track every exercise. Each exercise comes with a video demonstration.
8 Week Progress Review
A new cycle every 8 weeks which is written based on your voice note and written feedback based on the previous programme. I will then send a video response talking your through your new programme. Changes can be made throughout the 8-weeks but this is a chance to review
Exercise Form Check
We’ll check your form via video on What’s App to ensure exercises/movements are performed correctly.
Lifestyle Adjustments
Changes made to your plan when needed. For example, when on holiday or working away from home.
Full Nutritional Support
A tailored calorie/macronutrient goal based on your current goal which is adjusted when needed. Full on-going nutritional support with a guide on how to track calories, a library of meal ideas and tips on structuring meals throughout the day.
Facebook Support Group
Regular updates, tips, tricks, and support.
No Contract
Payments made every 4 weeks via the app but no pressure to continue – not tied down to anything!
Everything Included in the CBG Membership
Full access to the membership area including access to the entire recipe library, educational videos and group chats!
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