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Georgie Cooper
Programmes tailored completely to your goals and lifestyle in your personal app
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With online coaching
Regular educational videos with tips and tricks to change your life
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To be Fit!
With online coaching
Find food freedom with our IIFYM recipes
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What’s included
Your Own CBG App
All your workouts in one place. Choose your program based on your goal.
Video demonstration by G for every exercise plus logbook feature to track progress.
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Chat Rooms
Chat with other CBG girls.
Join the community and get to know other like-minded women who share your goals! Get involved with the group chat function in your app!
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Educational Videos
Regular uploads from G covering training, nutrition and lifestyle advice as well as exclusive podcast episodes and other VIP videos.
Tips, tricks and advice galore!
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Find Your 80/20 Balance
Tonnes of exciting, nutritious recipes.
Need some inspiration for dinner or ideas for a high protein breakfast? We’ve got you!
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So what’s the difference between 1-1 Online Coaching and the CBG Membership? 👉🏽
We offer a range of personalised exercise and nutrition programmes tailored to your specific needs and goals!
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  • Full Goal Dependent Training Split
  • Exercise Demonstration Library
  • Goal Dependent Group Chat
  • Full Recipe Library Access
  • Full Access to all Educational Videos
  • Regular Video Uploads
  • Facebook Support Group
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1-1 Online Coaching
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  • 8 Week Progress Review
  • Exercise Form Check
  • Lifestyle Adjustments
  • Full Nutritional Support
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  • Everything included in the CBG Membership
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20+ Different Programmes to Choose From
So many programmes to choose from. You can be sure you’ll find the right for you and your goals. We have programmes for all abilities. Home and gym, short and long, beginner and advanced and mush more!
Full Goal Dependent Training Split
Each programme has exercises and cardio tailored to that goal. Exact exercises, reps, sets with a weight logging feature to track every exercise. Each exercise comes with a video demonstration so you know exactly what you are doing!
Exercise Demonstration Library
Not sure how to perform a certain exercise? No need to worry. Simply click the video to watch a walk through with Georgie. She demonstrates the movement and then breaks it down, giving you all the instructions you could need to perform the exercise perfectly!
Goal Dependent Group Chat
Choose a group chat to be a part of dependent on your goal. Then chat away with a wonderful group of like-minded women, all working towards a similar goal.
Full Recipe Library Access
Get access to hundreds of recipes including all their macro and calorie information. Breakfasts, lunches, snacks, desserts, dinners and more. Never not know what to make again!
Full Access to all Educational Videos
Regular educational uploads chatting about all things, exercise, nutrition, mindset, lifestyle, mental health and much more. Listen in for exclusive podcast guests!
Facebook Support Group
Regular updates, tips, tricks, and support.
No Contract – Cancel Anytime
Payments made every 4 weeks via the app but no pressure to continue – you’re not tied down to anything!
About Georgie

Just like most of us, I first joined a gym to loose weight. I would stick strictly to the cardio equipment and believed that hours on the treadmill along with 4 salads a day would bring me the results I wanted. A few months later, I started lifting a small set of dumbbells in the corner of the gym where no-one could see me. I was terrified of the ‘men’s section’ but finally braved it when I realised I could no longer lift the bar over my head to squat & I have never looked back since!

5 years later, I am lifting more than most of the men in there. Weight training changed my entire life. I suffered from depression and anxiety in my teens and the gym was an escape from my demons. I felt strong and empowered. It gave me so much confidence and purpose that I quit my 9-5 job and took the plunge to become a personal trainer in 2017.

My passion is helping other women change their life, just like I did. It’s that simple!

About CBG

CBG was created in 2017 with the aim of helping support and guide women on their health and fitness journey and make sure they dodge all the fitness fads, diets and mistakes that I went through!

Here at CBG, we endeavour make sure you KNOW that you don’t have to restrict yourself, go on a juice cleanse or do obscene amounts of exercise to reach your goals. We want you to reach your goals, whatever they may be, in a healthy and sustainable manner and go on with these tools for life!

Not only will you learn everything you need to know about training and nutrition but you will also start forming great habits and see a MASSIVE change in your mindset!

What started as a small online coaching business, is now a central hub of like-minded women all working towards different goals within a thriving community!

CBG has worked with thousands of women on their fitness journey! Now it’s your turn!

Browse our client’s testimonials and body transformations
Read all our success stories
After following G and some of the girls for a few months I decided to start 1-1 coaching. Right from the start I trusted her every word and got to work ticking every box. It’s not always been easy, but then nothing worth having is!
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With the support from G and the wonderful community of girls she’s brought together, my lifestyle and mindset towards food/exercise have done a complete 180!
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My life has changed dramatically since starting with G. After years of yo-yo dieting, I didn’t think it was possible for me to lose weight.
Continue reading…
Not to sound dramatic but CBG63 legitimately has completely changed my outlook on food. I am eating over 500 calories more still being in a deficit and don’t feel restricted at all. ~ Aimee
Continue reading…
I’m really happy! I’m incredibly proud of how far I’ve done. I started the first CBG63 as a result of severely struggling during the first lockdown. ~ Rachel
Continue reading…
I have been working with G since the beginning of October last year and I have loved every minute! I’ve had my struggles but I have made so much progress, not just physically but mentally too.
Continue reading…
Georgie has been incredible at helping me find my feet in the gym, increasing my confidence and keeping my head level throughout the last 9 months. She has also taught me so much more about nutrition.
Continue reading…
Having been a size 8 and a size 16, I was no stranger to fad diets, unhealthy habits, scales obsession and hating the mirror.
Continue reading…
During the start of the Covid pandemic, I scrolled through Instagram just like most people on furlough. I came across Coached by Georgie and scrolled through her Instagram, looking at the transformation and I couldn’t sign up quick enough.
Continue reading…
Investing in coaching has been the best thing I’ve done for myself.
Continue reading…
My journey so far has already been life-changing in such a short amount of time.
Continue reading…
However, since working with Georgie and consistently eating 3000 calories and not seeing exercise as an ‘all or nothing’ approach I’ve been able to maintain my shape whilst actually being able to live my life and enjoy social occasions.
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